Home of the 22,000Ft Skydive!
Located in Cullman, Alabama
Established in 1999 and Still Rocking!

Tandem Skydive from 22,000 feet!

The highest in America!!!

Skydive Alabama Tandem Jump
This is by far the easiest and most popular first jump.  After a short briefing you and your instructor will take to the skies. You will climb in the airplane and freefall for almost one full minute!! Unless of course you decide to do the EXTREME TANDEM from 22,000 feet which will give you over 2 minutes of freefall!!

A tandem jump is a great way to “get your knees in the breeze” and experience the thrill of skydiving while under close supervision of an experienced instructor. This also helps prepare you for our Accelerated Freefall Course (AFF), should you decide to pursue your skydiving license.

Interested in jumping solo for your first skydive?  Check out the AFF program to see if it’s right for you.

View our current tandem prices here.

  • You must weigh 240lbs or less
  • You must be at least 19years old
  • You MAY NOT bring a camera on the actual jump itself (including GoPros and all similar type small cameras)