Located in Cullman, Alabama
Established in 1999 and Still Rocking!


Skydive Alabama Grand Caravan N104JP

Our main aircraft is a Super Grand Caravan with a 900 HP engine!  This aircraft is one of the biggest, fastest and newest skydiving aircraft available!

The Super Grand Caravan is absolutely the best aircraft for skydiving operations.  Safety, speed and comfort are key for your ride to as high as 22,000 feet.

  • Super-fast Turbo-prop engine – Get to 14,000 ft. in as little as 6 minutes!
  • Seats up to 19 jumpers – More friends, more fun!
  • Spacious interior – More comfortable

For those of you who may be familiar with only a small 4-seater Cessna, just remember the motto: “Once you go Caravan, you’ll never go back!”